This search offers your company the highest level of protection from negligent hiring lawsuits. These searches give you a choice of county, state and/or federal jurisdictions and may include felony and misdemeanor history. (Some jurisdictions provide felony records only).

This search can reveal the types of disqualifying information seldom volunteered by an applicant. Remember that your company could be held legally liable if an employee commits a crime while on the job and it turns out that he or she had a criminal past that you failed to research.

This report is crucial for any employee who has access to your company’s cash, bank account information, expensive inventory or leased property. Your applicant’s credit history for the last seven years will be uncovered.

This report may contain the applicant's debt load, payment history and any public record information, such as liens, judgments and bankruptcies. It would also show current and past employers, current and past addresses, social security numbers and date of birth. (NOTE: A signed release from the candidate is required.)

One of the most common mistakes an employer can make is to not verify that an applicant is who they say they are. A social security tracer can authenticate that an applicant’s information is correct. If a credit report is requested, this information will automatically be included.

In addition, this report generates a list of addresses where the applicant has resided for the past five years. These addresses give us the framework for a criminal records search. This is the most effective way to verify your candidate’s criminal history and the best way to ensure legal protection. (A signed release from the candidate is required.)

According to the courts, an employer is negligent when hiring drivers without checking their driving record. Even an employee sent on an errand, whether in a company or private vehicle, leaves your business exposed!

A “Moving Violation Report” (MVR), utilizes the driver’s license number to provides a three-to-seven year history of an individual’s driving performance.

Pennell guarantees the best possible turn-around time at a low cost (plus the applicable state fee). Each report includes:

  • Current status and type of license

  • Restrictions

  • History of accidents, moving violations and criminal violations (to the extent reportable by the appropriate state agency)

  • Date of all accidents, violations and dispositions

Our Background Specialist Team will personally verify your applicant’s past or current employment information. Our standard procedure is to interview for:

  • Dates of employment

  • Last position held

  • Eligibility for rehire

Pennell and Associates personally verifies your applicant’s educational information through direct contact with appropriate registrar personnel. 

The report will include date of attendance, major, degree(s) earned and dates of graduation.

Civil cases include disputes between private citizens, corporations, governmental bodies and other organizations. These records concern:

  • Employer-employee conflicts

  • Property

  • Personal rights

  • Personal injuries

  • Liability suits

  • Contract disputes

  • Landlord/tenant conflicts

  • Evictions

  • Divorce

  • Probate

Court records of bankruptcy are generated under procedures very different from criminal and civil records and are found only at the federal level.

Pennell and Associates searches bankruptcy records at the appropriate federal jurisdiction. All findings, including discharged, dismissed and paid bankruptcies are reported.

Our Background Specialists
contact the appropriate entity
to verify the applicant’s stated professional license, status, credentials or achievements,
such as, CPA, bar association membership, insurance license, etc. Where available, Pennell
reports on any administrative
actions affecting the candidate.

Pennell will check the professional and personal references listed by your candidate. Since from 5% to 20% of work references are either bogus or “stretched” to cover other unlisted employments, reference-checking is important and works.

Pennell Investigations provides information on liens or judgments, such as plaintiff(s) and defendant(s), filing dates, file numbers, amounts and date satisfied.

An applicant’s listed address can be verified through County Tax records, Voter Registration Records contact with landlords and a neighborhood canvas.

A county search to determine if an applicant has registered a fictitious or business name. This search allows the employer to verify an applicant’s previous or current association with other businesses. An assumed name filing is valid for ten years.

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